Here at Propel we are trying to do something special by offering you consumable parts (those most likely to wear out or break during normal use) at zero or little cost.

We charge only for freight and handling, but some people question why they should have to pay anything at all. The answer is simple: We're already covering the cost of the product itself, so to also pay the freight and distribution would simply be too much to bear.

Here is where your freight/handling charges go:

1.     Costs for packing and loading of trucks overseas

2.     Export country port and destination charges

3.     International import freight costs (shipping containers across the sea)

4.     US Customs clearance costs and port charges

5.     Domestic shipping costs between the US port of entry and our distribution center in Texas

6.     Unloading and sorting costs

7.     Local warehousing costs

8.     Labeling, picking and packing costs (when we receive your order)

9.     Special re-mailer outer shipping box costs

10.   The cost of a third-party courier to your door

Some companies would rather charge you £25 for a £12 part and say the “shipping is free.” Here at Propel we just believe in a straightforward approach and we hope you do, too.

Thanks again for being a Propel customer.

Happy flying!

Propel Care Team